“I want to make clothes that endure the test of time. For me, responsible clothing is multipurpose and worthy of your lasting love.”


Strong values are the core of my brand. My values also guide my design philosophy – and always have

I believe beauty is in and for everyone.

Everybody is unique and beautiful as they are. Everyone has the right to own and wear elegant clothes that elevate their experience of self. No matter your height, shape or figure, you are most welcome as my client. 

I believe in equality, not just quality.

Women and women's rights have always been one of the most important things to me. I support other women in business and in the industry through my own production process.

I base my values on the voice of my heart and all I’ve learned along the way. I studied my craft in Venice, Italy. I’ve designed unique ensembles for performers, politicians and women of influence. I bring all this experience and knowledge to my work today.


Creating sustainable fashion has to involve a sincere interest in appreciating each garment and their production process. It needs constant learning and development. It requires skill to maintain the clothes correctly.

The most meaningful thing in my work is continuously developing myself and finding new and even better ways to create designs and products.

While fashion is my greatest love and passion, it’s also an industry responsible for much of the pollution in the world. It’s a priority for me to search and find even better ways of working to create sustainable fashion now and in the future.

For me, it's important that my production happens as close as possible, locally in Finland or in Europe. By choosing production partners close by I’m able to visit the facilities.


My greatest passion is to dress women in a way that they can see themselves as they are – absolutely gorgeous.

I love minimalistic, bold lines and styles. I crave and create luxury and rely on the best quality materials. Studying humanity, nature and their correlation has always fascinated me. I believe my Finnish roots have shaped my visual mindset to love a modest, even bare environment that breathes with space and freshness.

My travels and new experiences inspire me endlessly. It is often after returning home after exploring the world and its people when a new idea and plan arises.

I'm in my element and the happiest when I can create something new, plan the future, and work with things that matter.

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