This fall brings a beautiful change and opens a new door. At this time we are no longer accepting new orders for unique designs nor collection pieces.
Thank you for the years and the trust. We shall meet again.

With kindest regards, Anne-Mari Pahkala

Your Unique Dress
– A Companion of Confidence

Beauty isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. And it doesn’t have to be transitory. A unique bespoke dress is a lasting testament of the value you give yourself. A trusted friend to always flatter your figure and present you at your best. A companion of confidence. 

“In some miraculous way, Anne-Mari read me. The dress turned out perfect and it depicts me exactly.”
-Customer, 42

The most important source of inspiration in the process of designing a unique dress is You. You are the story.

Unique designs are made for creating the most beautiful memories. Tell us about your dream or the meaningful moment in the future you’d like to add more beauty to and we’ll help you perfect your vision and write the next chapter.

“Both the dress and the process became more important to me than I could have ever imagined. The dress will forever remind me of this time and my experiences.”
-Customer, 50

Ordering a bespoke dress starts from your contact. It’s an experience you can get for yourself or together with a friend. Can you imagine anything more wonderful than designing dresses together while reminiscing about the past or planning the future, enjoying delicious treats at our showroom? Life should also include bubbles, you know.

All bespoke dresses are designed with the grace and skill of two decades of experience by Anne-Mari Pahkala.

All our bespoke dresses are made in Finland, mainly at our Studio & Showroom Anne-Mari Pahkala in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. We adhere to all instructions given by the officials to ensure visiting our showroom is absolutely safe.

We are open for privately reserved appointments.


Anna Puu, The Intergalactic Love Odyssey 2.0 Concert
Hartwall Arena, Finland 2019
Costume Design
Photographer: Vilma Töyräs

Minister of the Interior, Maria Ohisalo
The Independence Day reception 2019
Unique Evening Dress
Material: Infinited Fiber
Photographer: Laura Iikkanen

Seela Sella X Pirkka, Roosa nauha 2019
Unique, Bird Silk Blouse
Photographer: Viivi Huuska, Stylist: Vesa Silver

Bird Blouse, Unique
Jesse Viinikangas, 2020
Photographer: Iiro Mikola

Saara Aalto, In My Wildest Dreams
Concert, 2017
Costume Designer of the Show
Photographer: Ville Paasimaa

Anni Pokki, 2018
Unique Wedding Dress
Photographer Petri Mast

Unique Wedding Dress Collection SULA, 2018
Photographer Laura Iikkanen
Model Hedda Hakala/ Paparazzi
Make up hair Meliina Savela
Location: Hotel Haven

Member of Parliament, Sofia Vikman
The Independence Day reception 2016
"The Queen Of a Ball"
Photo: Iltalehti