The Anne-Mari Pahkala brand is more than just unique designer pieces. It’s also high quality wardrobe essentials. The perfect pieces for busy mornings and those times when you feel like you have nothing to wear. We produce our collection designs in small production batches, according to pre-order. We’ll tell you more about the pre-order process below.

Responsibly made 

We want to make the best possible choices for our environment. Quality and timelessness are the core of our design thinking. Almost the entire production chain, including marketing, transportation, packaging materials and clothing tags, is based on the services of Finnish entrepreneurs.

All our collection designs are manufactured by Finnish industrial dressmakers. The clothes in our collection are made in Espoo. Unique bespoke designs are made at the Anne-Mari Pahkala Studio & Showroom in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. A small family business in Jyväskylä makes our candles. We choose our partners carefully, respect their craft and continuously develop our production to be even more transparent.

Pre-order & small series production

Textile overproduction is a massive problem in the fashion industry. It is unknown just how much clothing is produced and left unsold every year. It means wasted fabric, dyes, and so on. For now, we produce our clothes by preorder. That way, we can decrease overproduction and have a positive effect on fabric loss. If you’d like to try on a sample design and get a personal feel on the fabrics before placing an order, you are more than welcome to visit us in our showroom. Please do, even if you’d like to just enjoy a cup of coffee with us! You can place an order at our website or during your visit at our showroom. After the preorder closes, we start the production. This way we make sure there is no waste – only beautiful and unique custom made clothes.

Design & Materials

Our philosophy is that the most ethical product has a long life span, is in use and the design fits as many body types as possible. We want our design to be just as current years from now. We prefer natural materials and other carefully selected high-quality materials. The fabrics in use at the moment are primarily produced in Finland, Spain and England.

Natural materials

We love fine quality materials. That's why we prefer natural materials, and we use less synthetic materials. We are always trying our best to find the right material for the proper use, such as silk for the occasion and mulesing-free merino wool for everyday use. We are continuously looking for more sustainable fabrics and suppliers. We are doing our best by choosing materials that are the most natural and yet classy and luxurious.

Mulesing free merino wool

Merino is one of the finest wool qualities globally, as its fibers are softer than regular wool. For this reason, merino wool products are also suitable for sensitive skin. The merino wool we use is mulesing-free, so sheep do not have to go through a painful mulesing procedure. Our supplier is from Finland


Silk is the world's most luxurious fiber. Its high-class features make it very special for everyday life and occasion. Silk is a natural material, so it keeps you warm when it is cold and cools you down when it's hot. Silk its easy to take care of, and with the right maintain, it stands the test of time. With your purchase, we always give you care instructions. We purchase our silks from England and Italy.

Values & Sustainability 

After years of working towards slow fashion future and sustainable consumer, we identify ourselves as a sustainable brand. We're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves.

Human rights, emphasis on the rights of girls and women, have always been an important cause for us. We believe that when working together, even small actions can make a big difference. We annually participate in charity work. In the past years we’ve donated to: Hope ry. 2019-2020, Naisten Linja (Se kolmas – fashion campaign) 2018 Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto 2018 Syöpäsäätiö 2017.

Anne-Mari Pahkala is the designer of all our products. Our production takes place in Finland. Some of the work is done in our atelier at the Helsinki showroom and the rest with our Finnish seamstress partners. We have a personal relationship with all our partners and closely collaborate with them throughout the production process.